breathe stardust

the tingling night air breathes down your skin,
hands splayed lazily against the cement, with none to hold.
above is a canvas of midnight black and twinkling, timeless stars
far, far away but here to stay.

you trace out constellations, connecting the dots
suddenly you are a child once again, and the dark sky
is your drawing paper. logic leaves you and in its place,
imagination and a pure, peaceful mind.

the cool night breeze rustles your hair;
it hums you a lullaby that lulls you to sweet dreams.
the crescent moon watches the gentle rise and fall of your chest
and smiles a smile that is the only light in all of the darkness.


tonight you do not jump off the rooftop, because the night view is breathtaking and the stars and moon plead you not to. you are not alone; you still breathe despite the choking reality. you think to yourself, this is the beginning of recovery and self discovery.


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