5 elements of life

i am earth.

buried six feet too deep are the remains of many versions i used to be,

along with words seeping through my skin, every letter, every syllable,

rooting themselves in me soon to grow into lively poetry;

underneath me is a hollow space because the world took what it wanted,

they dug me up, mess up my insides and stole what gave me my value.

yet i am like the earthworm that death evades because she knows i’m already there

i am air.

observations: colourless, odourless, more than often not, neglected.

but i am always there. i exist in the silence that hangs over people more than it should,

suffocating or comforting, dependent on said subjects; sometimes even both.

i exist in the petrichor that remains after the sky threw a tantrum and wailed, i exist

in the gentle breeze that ruffles your hair, telling you that it’s okay, it’s okay,

i am telling you that they’re still alive. just find me and you’ll know.

i am fire.

destroy, destroy, destroy everything, including myself.

watch as the flame of a matchstick or a wax candle dance in darkness,

flickering with uncertainty, each step is a step closer to death. it is a dance of death.

feel the searing pain engulf me and disintegrate into ashes, ashes

they all fall down. 

tell me, do i still ignite something inside of you or am i too stifling to be warm

i am water.

fluctuating like how waves are crashing onto the shore of safety then receding, retracting

every minute, every second, i change my mind about wanting to attach and detach. isolate, connect.

wash away the footprints that mark my presence, but never the ghost of those that mark absence,

sometimes i feel like i am drowning in myself, sometimes i’m lost in a vast sea that sweeps me with the flow.

i don’t know how to swim and i don’t know how to breathe underwater, i only know the basics.

the ripple effect extends to beyond infinity; i can no longer count them anymore. 

i am one element at a time because people simply cannot handle so much, so much of me. but i am all of them for you because you make me feel so alive and you tell me that, i am matter, i matter and i should fucking deserve to take up space.

you are my fifth element.


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