you stand precariously on the verge of a shore and wait. wait for the inevitable sunset, only for it to dawn on you that before you know it, the sun is already rising. with every dark sky comes new light, and warmth turns to weather that chills you to the bone. with every ebb and flow, the tides tell time, tell of the stories you lived through and write them into the spaces between sand, only to be washed away, again and again. they keep their promises only to renew them each day, whisper secrets into empty shells and husks. the picturesque coconut trees sway and your heart wavers, it shakes with the wind and howls along to every storm. you are worn enough, feet wrinkled like prunes and hands peppered with sand; yet fate pulls you along with a red string, making you take steps before you can count the ones you left behind. the footsteps etch with regret and makes their bitter, resentful mark, yet each time the waves soothe your soul, fills your ears with melodies and restores each crater your feet create when you’re not looking. temporary amnesia is a curse in disguise; yet ignorance is bliss and it’s better to forget it all than to keep carrying the burden of your suffering, bury it in the past and never visit the graves of things you used to treasure, people you used to love, conversations you used to have. there’s a hurricane, an internal conflict of the past and the present and they cross paths every year, every transitional period, every turn and every junction. it is destroying me until the remnants of a shipwreck are left, but adventures still go on, and the spirit lives on in time’s records.

each time i die, another reborns again. they call it, reincarnation.

[a/n: tw for death]


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