a race against time

you rip off calendar pages as days dwindle, rip them apart until there’s nothing left and paper cuts litter your palms that are clenched into angry fists. strike off each day, every single memory and bury them under the overflowing sand in an hourglass. because eventually an hour becomes a day and a day becomes a week and a week becomes a month and a month becomes a year and a year becomes a lifetime of bittersweet regrets. you shake your fist at the sun that rises and sets because it lies to you; everyday seems to be the same yet when you look back it’s all different now. time blends into itself and you’re chasing, chasing after the rabbit who holds a ticking time bomb but you just fall into a never-ending hole. everything flashes by like a movie fast forwarded and you can’t even take a look at the roses at the sidewalk. you are afraid, because this fiasco disguised as a routine has made you a tumbling mess. sometimes you feel like you don’t even get to pay respects to your past and graves lay unvisited, the ghost of how it used to be constantly haunts you. this is the one thing you can never control – the moving of a minute hand, the growing of white strands, the wrinkles and creases that mark your laughter and frowns in youth. a storm brews in the calm, you clutch painfully to joss sticks as your eyes burns beneath hot tears; but even god can’t help you. you can only wait, wait till its your turn to hit the bottom and finally, grasp the concept of time that slips through your fingers because by then, time is no longer your master.


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