a letter to my student self

  1. you feel lost. you know you can’t exactly run away from your responsibilities, to fulfill as your fundamentals, but you have no dream to run towards to. the future is foggy, sometimes the thought of it suffocates. you are wandering in the middle, this is not the kind of wanderlust you’ve dreamt of chasing, but the terrifying in-betweens – you feel yourself slipping through the gaps and you feel yourself slipping, giving in to the temptation to cave in.
  2. but this is not you will live. don’t let yourself become nothing – you’ve always been terrified of the emptiness. don’t let this become a self-fulfilling prophecy – don’t fall prey to your demons, don’t trade your soul in, don’t let yourself fall to deep. don’t. you can become something. you’ve dreamt of becoming something. making a change. helping others. advocating for equality. making the world a better place. being an influence. you have to start somewhere. this is where the road diverges and this is the part where things get difficult.
  3. someone once said, tough times don’t last, but tough people do. this shall pass too, let it be a learning experience. you will keep going. you have to.
  4. stop retracing your routes, you have accumulated enough guilt, self-loathe, anxiety, stop carrying the burdens of the past, extrapolations of the past to current expectations. times have changed. breathe and focus on yourself. doesn’t matter how your peers do. even if that is hard to believe so. focus on your growth, on what you can do, now.
  5. the sun, will rise, and we will try again. the sun kisses the sky every day after darkness, forgives it for its sins and radiates. perhaps one day, you can shine too. maybe not to the world, not as bright, but maybe to the right people. prove that you’re worthy.
  6. just. do it. go forth. charge. if you want to run, run in the correct directions.
  7. please.

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