captain’s log: 9/3/2018

i keep running away in my dreams. the chaser changes with every dream – assailants with shadow faces, the first tsunami wave, technological aliens descending to destroy earth on doomsday. my feet take flight in fear and i never seem to stop; the destruction behind me does not allow me to. maybe i am afraid of what will happen if i fail to outrun the enemy. i wonder, what is it that i am running away from when i am awake? i stare down at my legs. i am still grounded. or maybe my soul has already escaped this burdensome body, abandoned ship; it is craving the sweet release of freedom, a carefree life with no responsibilities. but that is not how i will live. a child cries when their balloon floats into the blue sky and rides the clouds, leaving its owner stranded.

and so i shall stay grounded, pinch my cheeks and remind myself – this is life, and i am going to face it, head on, with my eyes wide open.

i shall run towards it, towards you and embrace, i shall.


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