finding the right chemistry

how do I measure

covalent radius

from heart to heart –

the imagined distance

an arbitrary constant, constantly changing.


how do I determine

attraction (or repulsion)

of our shared electrons –

do you feel the pull too?

or are you experiencing the withdrawing effect?


how do I evaluate

effective collisions

between the atoms of our being –

a microscopic molecular exchange, so chaotic,

searching for the right orientation to fit into.


maybe this is how:

careful experimentation

with painfully slow distillation

of garbled words, condensing meaning

this science must not be rushed.


in the midst of it all

we precipitate transition metals,

colored crumbs in conical flasks,

out of trial-and-error;

realize we still split ourselves in half to find another.


one day we’ll stop wasting such energy;

instead learn to swallow light,

excite ourselves like we’re children again.

learn to ride the ups and downs of wavelengths

of our heartbeats, echoing our emotions endlessly.


know that this is how alive feels like.

when entropy no longer sweeps you off your feet,

when you no longer feel the need to experiment,

because they are all of the answers –



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